This weekend was very busy.  Spicer had his Birthday Party on Friday, Saturday was not too bad but pretty full, and Sunday we were in Paducah running erands and seeing both Tommy's parents and my parents.   Not to mention all the exercise we did or the fact that my phone decided to quit working.   I am very proud to report that Tommy and I exercised every day last week and sometimes more than once a day.  This week I plan to do the same thing.  Even if I can just loose a pound I will be happy since that will put me at -50lbs.  WOOOO HOOOO!!!  That feels so good to say :)   

This week is also going to be busy but I started it off right by doing Zumba this morning and we plan to do curcit training tonight.   I feel good when I exercise every day.  I feel refreshed and I think it makes me feel more alert.  It's funny how that works isn't it?  Before when I was larger and didn't exercise I did less but felt even more tired.   Interesting right?   I did something Sunday night that I ahve never had to do.  I had to eat more becuse I exercised so much that I had to add some calories.   I didn't do anything extreme but I did have a half-order of Chicken Pasta.  I have't had pasta in quite some time because it's just so high in calories I haven't wanted to.  But with getting the half order and having the extra calories I was able to do so without the guilt.   If I exercise like I did last week I will likely have to do that again.  Hmmmm what should I have for my splurge this weekend?  Any Ideas? 


Tommy Salami
07/27/2011 16:51

Mmmmmm...Matt's Pizza. Or a burger from Duncan's. Or a Fiesta Burger (or dog...either will do) from Bob's Drive-In (and if on a Sunday, Parker's Drive-In will do). Mmmmmm.....I am soooooooo hungry. Hurry home from Paducah, chickapoo!


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