I have been a very "busy bee" this week.   I have worked my ever shrinking tail bone off.   Exercise has been put on the back burner but I have been very careful with my calories and food intake.  I hope to lose at least a pound with week.   I had some nonscale victories this week.  I tried on a pair of 12 pants Tommy bought for me about a month ago and I was able to get them zipped and buttoned.   They are still a little too tight for me but it felt great to be so close to a size 12.   My mom also let me try on a size 10 bathing suit she had bought randomly becasue it was so cheap.   I was shocked that it was similar to the pants; it fit but was tight.   But the way I look at it, it will fit In April when we go to Europe again.   What other victories are you celbrating besides weightloss in your journey?


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