Ok so there are no expensive jewels and I don't have one of those long sticks but Breakfast at Izzy's has been kind of fun. I have found several dishes that I like and can stay right at 100 calories. One of my go to meals is half a serving of Special K Honey and Oats flakes, half a serving of Bran Buds (lots of fiber), a little less than half a serving of Almond milk and a few blueberries (100 cals). Another yummy that is great for colder, gloomy days is half a serving of plain quaker oatmeal with sugar sub and cinnamon and two pieces of turkey bacon (100 cals). Another is dry toast, one piece of turkey bacon and a few pieces of fruit (100 cals). An all time fave of mine is turkey bacon (25 cals), southwest egg beater 1/4 cup with fresh ground pepper, garlic, cilantro, a few blue cheese crumbles, and 1/2 teaspoon of fresh salsa (35 cals total egg beater is 20 cals, blue cheese 10 cals, salsa 5 cals, small peach (40 cals) for a grand total of 100 cals for my very yummy breakfast! Here is a picture...
Like many Americans I was skipping breakfast.  Even after I started loosing weight I remained a breakfast skipper.  I was watching the HBO documentry Weight of the Nation http://theweightofthenation.hbo.com/ and they were interviewing a woman who has turned her life around and lost a lot of weight.  She talked about not eating breakfast but realized she was eating and snacking before lunch becasue she was starving.  I realized...I was doing that too.  I decided I needed to start eating breakfast and that I could take away a few calories from my lunch and supper.  I realized I don't miss those few calories and I don't snack either since I feel full until lunch.  


Tommy Fiberoni-PĆ¼perstein
06/13/2012 16:21

Mmmmmm...I love my breakfast of ultra high fiber cereal mixed evenly with high protein cereal. And Almond Milk is a natural, very low calorie cereal accompaniment. The protein makes my muscles strong, and the fiber makes me poop.


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