I have been thinking a lot about balance over the last few weeks.  I think BALANCE is a much underrated thing.  Over this past year I have tried to learn balance with my diet and my health.  Balance is important is every part of our lives.  It is important in giving, in receiving, in time, in work, in relationships...I could go on and on.   A very wise man once said, "In order to stay happy you must always know where you are every moment. Right here is perfect balance. Right at the meeting of heaven and earth. Not too much God, not too much selfishness. Otherwise, life is too crazy. You lose balance."  I have found this quote to be true for me.  I realize some people will read this and not like it but this quote is true for my path.  The one thing that defies balance is love.  Love, if you look it the right way, is limitless.  There is no balance needed because there is enough for whole world with plenty left over.   Love is a circle with no end.   It is the one constant that has stayed with us throughout the ages.   When I think of this circle I am reminded of a little convent in Kentucky.   A dear friend of mine who has left this world to go on to the next brought me to the Sisters of Loreto.  At Loreto the sisters of the order have their start in Kentucky and their end of this life in Kentucky.   It is the most beautiful thing when you think about it.  They learn become a nun at Loreto in Kentucky and they go off to one their many places of mission throughout the world but they return to Kentucky when they are no longer able to serve.  Then the new nuns in training care for the old nus and glean knowledge from them.  When think of this circle of love, I think of them.  What are you doing to promote balance in your life and what are you doing to love the whole world in this great circle?


Tommy Dooder-Ronemy
12/18/2011 08:22

I like nuns.


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