When I was a kid I used to drive my family crazy on trips by asking, "Are we there yet?"  Spicer asked asked me a few days ago, "Mommy when are you going to get off your diet so you can get a treat?"  Ofcourse my response was not so simple, "Spicer I do have treats, I just can't have treats all the time. I am really never going to be off my diet.  This is how Mommy is going to eat for the rest of her life."  A friend of Tommys commented on a picture I posted of some treats I made for Christmas.   She seemed perplexed as to how I could be loosing weight and eating the Christmas candy.  Simple!  Yes, I had a treat today and yes I counted the calories but I didn't eat the 5 of them like I would have before.  I also counted the treat in my calories so tonight Tommy and I are having a smaller meal.   You can have your cake and eat it too, you just can't have the whole cake.  All things in moderation.   I love food and I am never going to be one of these people who can live off healthy choice meals and slimfast.  What are you doing to get to your goals or maintain? 


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