I have been a bit busy as of late.  (This seems to be a trend with my last few posts)  I turned 32 year old on the 14th. I spent my birthday with my to fave guys and had pizza form Max's, Meet Your Maker Cheesecake from Shandies, Spicer was given an award for Math, so proud of my sweet boy. Tommy and I have been enjoying our nice country bike ride to the TN state line. I finished all of my spring planting and cleaning including having my carpets cleaned. Tommy and I took a little trip to Nashville last night for some fun and woke up this morning and went on a quest to find new/used road bikes. Our quest continues but we had a blast. How you doin?? :)p

In the movie Bambi when the spring comes the friends notice everyone falling in love. Owl informs them that everyone is "twitterpainted" and they all inform Owl, "It's not gunna happen to me." During my weight loss journey several people have told me I would hit snags, I would gain, I would backslide. For quite some time I had the same attitude as Bambi and friends. "It's not gunna happen to me!" I was wrong, it did! I have gained a few pounds since Europe. I'm not proud of it, I'm not ashamed of it, it simply is. I am working to shed the pounds I gained. I know I am back on track and I feel confident in my ability to rid myself of these few pounds. Tommy and I have started taking a new 15 mile bike ride. It is the most scenic ride I have ever taken and it is my favorite exercise we do. I love the route because it's so pretty and so peaceful. When we ride in the country I can be still and quiet. I can ride and only worry about the ride and the bike. It is such a wonderful time for me rest my mind. When I finished my ride I thought about this blog. I thought about how much it keeps me going, how good it feels to get my thoughts down. I am so lucky to be able to express these thoughts. What do you do to help get back on track?

From time to time I get frustrated in my weight loss journey.  Someone posted this yesterday and I really needed it.  Yes I mess up, yes there are days I want to give up, yes there are time I don't eat as I should, yes there are times I don't work out like I should.  But overall.  I am doing well.  I have come a long way.  Everything in my life up to this point has made me who I am today.   Don't beat yourself up, just do what you need to do and move foward!   I took this picture last week and I saw it again today.  Just a few pounds shy of 75lbs lost!!!  Almost there!!!
It's been a bit since I blogged.  These last few weeks I have been playing catch up at work.  I have also been doing lots of fun stuff.  Tommy and I attended the Springtini and had a blast on Deby Day.  Spicer have been doing very good in school.   I have continued to keep up with my excercise.  Tommy and I have found a new route in the country that goes to the TN state line.  We mapped a new one out we might try Friday that is 23.5 miles.  I am so excited.   Here is the last few weeks in pictures.