It gets hard to do much more than about 40 mins durring the week. Yesterday I had an idea.  I realized I could just do 30mins in the morning and then 30mins after work.   What am I doing, you ask.?  I am doing Zumba in the mornings and walking at night.  I do Zumba before I wake up Spicer.   I walk in the evening while Spicer rides his bike.  Spicer really seems to be enjoying riding his bike and since he is on his bike he doesn't get tired.   Tommy and I drove my route this morning and it's 2 miles.  I do the walk in 30mins which is pretty good for walking with a kid :)  

As of late a few people keep saying how "amazing" I am.  I am not really that amazing.  Anyone can do this.  If your kids are younger...put them in the stroller or a wagon and pull it.   Workout in the morning before the kids wake up.  Workout at lunch.  Workout after work maybe if you want it to cool down a bit.  Walk in doors if it's too hot or raining.  YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!!!!


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