The last month or so of my life has been crazy.   With Spicer in the hospital, me sick, work, and other crazy stuff I have been really slacking on my exercise.   I have decided to get back to working out 6 days a week.   Monday I lifted weights, Tuesday I lifed weights, today I will be riding my bike, tomarrow lifting and maybe some yoga, friday bike, Saturday stairs and bike, and Sunday rest :) I think I had started to get comfortable with doing a minimal exercise and still loosing a pound every week.  When I started this journey I made a commitment to health, weightloss is just a bonus.  It shouldn't be commited to weightloss, health is just a bonus.  My health should always be my focus.   Afterall people lose weight all the time but it isn't always in a healthy way.  I am glad I am doing this the right way. 


tommy aplomb-y
09/22/2011 22:21

You kids today are just plain lazy. That is all. Giggle.


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