With my weight loss journey and life change I have done a lot of measuring.  I weigh my food on my food scales, I measure food out with my measuring cups, and I weigh myself every week.  I noticed today when I was updating my site that I am almost to -60lbs.   That's 3/4ths of the way to my ultimate goal of 80 pounds.  I am 15 weigh-ins away from my one year mark.   Wow!   Time flies doesn't it?   I am not sure why this struck me so much today but it did.   Last night I found myself down on my weight loss as I sometimes do.  Tommy has lost a tremendous amount of weight, he has lost about 20 pounds more than me.  So naturally when people see us together they tend to notice his weight loss far more than mine.  I won't lie; this drives me up the wall!!! And why has Tommy lost more weight?  Most of you to be sweet would say, "He's a man dear" and although that is some part of it the number one reason is he works harder than me.  It's true, he exercises more than me.   There are some days as a single mom, busy job, and life just get in my way and I can't exercise.   I put in less, I get less, get it?  See what I do to myself?  This is supposed to be a celebratory blog about being 3/4ths of the way to my goal and I am not even half-way through the blog and comparing myself to others and being down on myself.  This might be a little insight into why I was overweight.  I am my own person, I have my own journey.  Should it matter that Tommy has lost more weight?  No but...and it's that BUT that snags me.  Now back to that almost 60lbs I have lost.   I am just over 20lbs of reaching my goal.   20lbs????!!!!!!???  Some days that seems like a super easy goal and other days it seems like the hardest task ever.  So I have a new short term goal for this last leg.  I am going to try to lose at least 5 pounds every month.  That will put me reaching my goal by the end of February.  That is a month later than my original goal of one year but this isn't a race.  It is a change I will be making for the rest of my life.   This is the final stretch, I'm almost there!   As of my weigh-in today I am at 200lbs.  Amazing!  I am one pound away from being under 200lbs!!!  Here’s to being almost 3/4ths there!!! 


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