1. Setting goals to lose weight
  2. Counting calories
  3. Reading about fitness, health, food and nutrition at every opportunity
  4. Reading labels
  5. Bought a food scale 
  6. Eating less calories than I burn (but not too many less)
  7. Drinking water
  8. Eating more vegetables (I say things like, “Oh boy, squash.” and “Tommy, I can’t wait for our famer’s market date.”)
  9. Eating more fruits (blueberries are my new favs)
  10. Blogging about weight loss
  11. Participating in forums on diet sites and reading other people’s blogs (thank you Courtney for being my inspiration)
  12. Making adjustments along the way
  13. Telling everyone I am going to lose weight (accountability)
  14. Zumba!
  15. Saying nice things to myself in the mirror
  16. Listening to my body
  17. Doing this for me and for my health and nobody else
  18. Telling myself I deserve to be healthy and happy
  19. Weighing myself regularly
  20. Learning to accept water weight and muscle gain
  21. Rewarding myself with new clothes, bargain shopping at each new size
  22. Portioning out foods then put the package away instead of eating out of the box, bag, or container
  23. Stopping blaming other people and circumstances for my own choices
  24. Weight training with free weights
  25. Buying sports bras and workout clothes
  26. Sharing my progress with friends, family, and co-workers
  27. Not being ashamed of my weight
  28. Trying new things
  29. Stepping outside my comfort zone
  30. Hiking all day with Tommy
  31. Learning to stop making excuses
  32. Realizing perfection is not a requirement for success
  33. Untangling my self-worth from my weight
  34. Walking around my neighborhood while my son rides his bike
  35. Believing in myself
  36. Riding my bike
  37. Yoga
  38. Working out despite busy work days and crazy things going on in my personal life
  39. Working out despite the weather
  40. Work out on my birthday
  41. Realizing overeating causes me to feel like crap
  42. Finding real ways to deal emotional difficulty- especially writing
  43. Spicer!!!
  44. Celebrating every victory
  45. Stairs!!!
  46. Making this life change with Tommy
  47. Still working out when traveling
  48. Patience
  49. Finding my optimism and positivity
  50. Not giving up.


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