I had my second weigh-in ever to gain a pound.  I am not going to stress about it.  I am going to learn from it and move on.  The week of Tommy's dad's surgery I didn't work out at all and overate on the weekend.  Honestly I am lucky it was just a pound.  It was a good lesson to learn.  I have to exercise and I have to eat right.   This past week I worked out very hard.  Tommy and I both added calories this past week because we exercised so much.   I was proud of my hard work.   I know that last week’s hard work and this week’s hard work will get me back on track.  Saturday and Sunday I did two personal bests.   I completed HIIT on Saturday for the first time with no extra breaks.  I am very proud!  Sunday Tommy and I rode 16 miles on our bike and averaged a top speed that I had not averaged before on long bike rides.   Even though I gained a pound this week I felt confident and tried on my size 10's.  Even though they are still tight, I was able to button and zip them all the way up.  Getting on those 10's makes me feel amazing.   Size 10's here I come.  This weekend we plan on doing a 20 mile bike ride.  I can't wait.   What are you doing to reach your personal best?


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