I have had 2 weeks of only one pound losses.  It has been frustrating.  I have tried to be proud of my weight loss over these last two weeks even though it has been very modest.   But uggg it has really had me down.   So this week I have been ultra good making sure I stay as close to my traget calorie goals as I can and exercising.   Well it appears to have paid off.  I lost three pounds this week.  I have lost a grand total of 25lbs.  It feels so gdod.  I felt like I would never get here.  It feels good to look at the scale.  I feel better! I feel ready to run and jump in the air!   It is hard for me to even imagine being at my heaviest just a few months ago.  

Yesterday we were are lunch talking about health and weight loss.  One of my co-wokers is also loosing weight and began her weight loss Journey about six months ahead of me.  We were talking about our joys and frustrations with our weight loss journeys.   This made me think about the old me.  The old me would have sat there listening to people talk about weight loss and think gee I really want to but I can't which really ment I wouldn't.  If I could talk to the me from just a few months ago.  The me in those pictures from October.... I would say.  You can do it!  I know it seems really hard and it is... but it's worth it.  Do it for yourself, for your health, for your son, do it to save your life!!    I was headed for a life of obesity, back problems, high blood pressure, diebties, and maybe even a premature death.   Anyone can do this.  People choose not to.  They choose to have that Big Mac and Fries instead of the grilled chicken and a salad, they choose to have the extra hot fudge sunday instead of the sugar free jello, they choose to ahve the big tub of popcorn instead of a half of a small.  Find the will power!! You know you can!!! Save your life!! You are sooooooo worth it!   



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