When I started this weightloss journey I looked at my current weight, bmi, past weight, possible clothing sizes, and arrived at the goal of 80lbs.   As much as that sounds somewhat logical it was kind of a guess at best.   More like a nice round number that "sounded really good at the time."   As I get closer to this "goal" weight I realize it might need some adjusting.   Tommy and I have decided to get out body fat percentage measured.   After researching the subject we feel this is the most acurate messurment of where we need to be.  BMI can be deceptive.  There have been many critics of BMI over the years.   One thing that seems to get the most over all support is body fat messurment.  Here is the breakdown of body fat percentage and where both men and women should be.  My goal is to be in the average or fitness range.  I will keep you posted when we find out.  Murray Health and Wellness offers a body fat analyisis, I am a litte scared but hopeful.  

Women: Essential fat 10–13% Athletes 14–20% Fitness 21–24% Average 25–31% Obese 32%+
Men: Essential fat 2–5% Athletes  6–13% Fitness  14–18% Average 18–24% Obese  25%+


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